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Instreamatic develops interactive voice advertising technology.  Using this technology, interactive voice ads can be inserted into an audio stream.

Instreamatic lets brands that advertise through streaming music apps and podcasts (for instance) have interactive voice-based dialogues with consumers. So instead of an audio ad playing in a one-way experience (as all ads currently do), the listener can talk to, and interact with, the ad.  The technology can understand the “intent and tone” of consumers’ natural responses to take the next action.  Instreamatic’s voice AI infrastructure is currently used by many famous brands such as IKEA, Infiniti, and HP and across platforms like Pandora and Gaana, to take advantage of conversational marketing.   Instreamatic can build up a profile of the user based on an individual consumer’s previous interactions with a brand, allowing it to customize future campaigns.  Other customers include Universal Electronics leveraging the technogology to expand voice ads into the smart-TV industry.   Instreamatic is also working with Triton Digital, one of the larger audio ad networks.  Instreamatic enable spoken dialogue between brands and consumers on popular streaming apps. The voice ad format developed by Instreamatic provides consumers with a more authentic ad experience and brands with valuable insights.

Instreamatic also provides for a new way to gather live, honest and actionable feedback from your customers across billions of touchpoints exactly where and when it matters most to them.

The patent portfolio developed by IP Jurists PC currently counts 12 applications and protects most important aspects of Instreamatic’s technology.